A multiwavelength view of star-forming galaxies in distant clusters

Open Night on 9 December 2017
“A multiwavelength view of star-forming galaxies in distant clusters”


Members of the public are welcome to an Open Night at the SAAO in Cape Town on 9 December 2017, starting at 20h00. Dr. Solohery Mampionona-Randriamampandry (SAAO) will present a talk titled A multiwavelength view of star-forming galaxies in distant clusters. This will be followed by a tour of the site and (weather permitting) star gazing.

Summary of the talk

The visible light represents only a very small portion of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum that objects in space radiate; hence there is much more than the visible light out there. However, some of these EM radiations cannot get through the Earth’s atmosphere. We therefore use different kinds of telescopes to be able to capture wide range of different regions of the spectrum spanning from radio waves to gamma-rays, and apart from that, we also have to combine both ground- and space-based telescopes to acquire the full EM spectrum from space.

In this talk, Dr. Mampionona-Randriamampandry will first provide an overview of the different parts of the electromagnetic  spectrum and how they complement one another. Thereafter, he will present a study that used multi-wavelength data obtained from optical, infrared, and radio telescopes to investigate the evolution of a subclass of star-forming galaxies known as Luminous Compact Blue Galaxies in a distant cluster.


The Open Night will take place at the SAAO in Cape Town. The SAAO is located off Liesbeeck Parkway, next to the River Club.


Gates open at 19h30 and parking is available on site.

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