Colloquium on 24 January 2017
INTEGRAL multiwavelength observations of X-ray binaries.


Title: INTEGRAL multiwavelength observations of X-ray binaries.
Speaker: Dr. Julia Alfonso-Garzón
Date: Tuesday, 24 January 2017
Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Venue: 1896 Building


The extreme variability of X-ray binaries requires simultaneous observations across the spectrum, therefore multiwavelength long-term studies of these high-energy sources are crucial for their understanding. Since INTEGRAL has been observing the high-energy sky for more than twelve years, good time-coverage light curves have been acquired for many of these sources. INTEGRAL has two main instruments, the imager IBIS and the spectrometer SPI, working in hard X-rays/soft gamma rays. JEM-X and OMC monitor the high-energy sources in soft X-rays and in the V-Johnson band respectively. OMC and JEM-X have the same field of view and this is co-aligned with the central part of the larger FoVs of the main instruments. I will show long-term INTEGRAL observations of a sample of X-ray binaries and present first results on the correlation between the optical and X-ray variability of the microquasar V 404 Cygni during its outburst in June 2015.

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