Colloquium on 11 March 2014
Astronomy activities in Ethiopia


Title: Astronomy activities in Ethiopia
Speaker: Solomon Belay Tessema
Date: Tuesday, 11 March 2014
Time: 11:20 - 11:40
Venue: SAAO Auditorium


The activities of astronomy and space in Ethiopia are mainly linked with the establishment of ESSS and educational policy revision of Ethiopian government in 2004 and 2007 respectively. Before the establishment of Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) in April 2004, there was no any organization or institute that formally established to promote astronomy and space science in the country and there was no wanderness among the public. However, as the consequence of ESSS establishment and the role played by it, there are immense astronomy and space science development activities in Ethiopia. Some of the effects are inclusion of astronomy into the curriculum, construction of astronomical observatory and space science research centre, government attention for t he development of the science and thereby the contribution of the science for overall development of the nation. The ESSS intends to stimulate this process and encourage the use of astronomy as a tool for mind of drainage from between wander ness to scientific culture. In terms of research and education astronomy and space science in Ethiopia is at the infancy stage but there are many encouraging research projects underway. The presentation tried to address from emergency to current status such Entoto Observatory, ROAD, influence of astronomy community in Ethiopia and future directions.

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