Colloquium on 30 October 2014
Astropy: A community python library for Astronomy


Title: Astropy: A community python library for Astronomy
Speaker: Steve Crawford
Date: Thursday, 30 October 2014
Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Venue: SAAO Auditorium


Talk slides are available here.

Astropy is both a package that provides core astronomical functionality as well as a community developing pythonic solutions to astronomical computing issues.  It grew organically from a desire to share resources as well as to minimize duplication of efforts while developing a core astronomical python package.  The core library now includes a range of functionality, from data input to cosmological models.   With over 93 contributors from across the world, more functionality is constantly being added to the package.   In addition to the core package, astropy also provides a framework for developing and contributing astronomical software in python.  There are also a number of astropy affiliated packages which extend the resources.  These packages make use of the core astropy infrastructure, are well documented and tested, and some will eventually be merged into the core of astropy.  In this talk, we review the motivation for the development of astropy, its community, its current functionality, and the affiliated packages associated with astropy.  Finally, we include a brief overview on how to join and contribute to the astropy community.

For more information on astropy:

For those interested, we will also have a brief tutorial after the talk to provide some introduction to some of the astropy functionality.  If you would like to take part in the tutorials, we suggest installing astropy beforehand.  Instructions for installing astropy are available here: here:

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