Colloquium on 20 September 2013
Chemical abundances in the atmospheres of the symbiotic giants


Title: Chemical abundances in the atmospheres of the symbiotic giants
Speaker: Cezary Galan
Date: Friday, 20 September 2013
Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Venue: 1896 Building


Symbiotic stars are known to be strongly interacting long period binary
systems at the final stages of the stellar evolution which can be very
useful tool to understand of the chemical evolution of the Galaxy and
formation of the stellar populations. The knowledge of the chemical
composition of the symbiotic giants is essential to address these issues
but unfortunately reliably determined are only in a few cases. We have
started a chemical composition analysis for a sample of over 30 symbiotic
systems based on high-resolution, near-IR spectra obtained with
Phoenix/Gemini South spectrometer, using the methods of standard LTE
analysis, and atmosphere models for spectral synthesis. Here we present
results obtained for two objects: RW Hya and SY Mus. Our analysis revealed
a significantly subsolar metallicity (Me/H ~ -0.5) for RW Hya confirming
its belonging to the Galactic halo population, a near solar metallicity in
SY Mus, and a low 12C/13C isotopic ratios ~6 and ~10, for both objects.

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