Colloquium on 17 October 2013
Extragalactic X-ray Binaries


Title: Extragalactic X-ray Binaries
Speaker: Tana Joseph
Date: Thursday, 17 October 2013
Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Venue: SAAO Auditorium


In this talk I will present my research into extragalactic X-ray binaries
(XRBs) in the Local Universe carried out during my PhD. This work consisted of a
study of the XRB population of the elliptical galaxy NGC4472 as well as the
discovery of two new XRBs in M82 and NGC1399. I will then discuss my current
project. This research entails searching for low mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs) in the
Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) using X-ray, radio and optical data. Previous studies
of the SMC revealed objects like accreting pulsars and supernova remnants within
the SMC. These studies have mainly been sensitive to pulsating systems, like high
mass X-ray binaries, leaving the galaxy’s other populations of compact objects
unstudied. The identification of LMXBs in the SMC would make it the first full external
galaxy in which a clearly understood sample of quiescent XRBs had been

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