Colloquium on 17 November 2017
Time Domain Astrophysics with Liverpool Telescope and Liverpool Telescope 2


Title: Time Domain Astrophysics with Liverpool Telescope and Liverpool Telescope 2
Speaker: Prof Iain Steele (Liverpool John Moores University, UK.)
Date: Friday, 17 November 2017
Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Venue: 1896 Building


Since first light in 2004, the 2.0m Liverpool Telescope has been the world’s largest fully robotic telescope.  It specialises in time domain astrophysics and has a dedicated instrument suite giving imagining, spectroscopic and polarimetric capabilities.  In this seminar, I will describe how the robotic operation of the telescope works and give examples of the science accomplished in areas such as gamma-ray burst follow-up and supernova classification.  I will also present our plans to develop a 4.0m robotic telescope which will deliver faster reaction and increased sensitivity. A modified version of the SPRAT instrument on the Liverpool telescope is being built for Lesedi in Sutherland.

Iain Steele is Professor of Astronomical Technology and Liverpool Telescope Director at Liverpool John Moores University, UK.  He obtained his PhD in observational infrared astronomy at the University of Leicester in 1994 before working as a Research Fellow in galactic high energy astrophysics at the University of Southampton from 1994-1996.  He moved to Liverpool in 1996 and has worked on the Liverpool Telescope project ever since.  He is an experienced observational astronomer, with over 200 refereed journal publications in the areas of low mass stars, massive stars, exoplanets, gamma-ray bursts, blazars and astronomical instrumentation.  At LJMU he is also programme leader for a new taught Masters level course in Data Science.

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