David Gilbank


David Gilbank received his PhD from Durham University in 2002, exploring methods used to find Clusters of Galaxies. After completing postdocs at Durham, Toronto and Waterloo, Canada he joined SAAO as a research astronomer in 2011. His research interests focus mainly on the evolution of galaxies and large scale structure, especially through the use of large surveys, but he is also interested in the application of novel observing techniques and instrumentation to make maximum use of available facilities; in particular, forming a South African collaboration interested in exploiting the capabilities of the new High Resolution Spectrograph, HRS, on SALT to search for extrasolar planets.

So far he has mostly been involved with the instrumentation division through writing software for SALT and the SAAO 1.9m, but is always on the lookout for an opportunity to get his hands on optics and hardware.

His personal webpage can be found at gilbank.saao.ac.za