Stellar Astrophysics

Low and High Mass X-ray BinariesSymbiotic Stars and Planetary NebulaeCataclysmic Variables
Classical and Recurrent NovaeTransientsVariable Stars

South Africa has had a long and rich history of stellar astronomy, indeed the first ever measurement of the distance to a star (Alpha Centauri) was made here in 1833. Today we continue this tradition, working on multi-wavelength observations and numerical simulations of a wide range of stellar systems including:

  • transients e.g., novae and supernovae;
  • interacting binaries e.g., cataclysmic variables, symbiotic and X-ray binaries;
  • variable stars e.g., pulsating red giants, flare and R CrB stars;
  • exoplanets.

For a more detailed description of our interests, see our Stellar Astrophysics Group Members page.

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