Planetary Astronomy


We have an active, professional planetary science research at the SAAO.  The work is currently primarily focused on small bodies in Solar System.  In particular, we study trans-Neptunian object dynamics and colors, observe and analyze stellar occultations by trans-Neptunian objects (especially Pluto), and measure asteroid colors.  More details can be found on these research pages.

There is also interest in planetary space missions.  Please contact Peter Martinez for more details.

Affiliated planetary researchers:

Dr. Amanda Gulbis  – SAAO Astronomer; the big kahuna

Dr. Henry Throop  – University of Pretoria Lecturer, Planetary Science Institute researcher; rings and exoplanet swami

Dr. David Trilling  – Northern Arizona University professor (USA) ; planetary macher

Dr. Andy Rivkin  – Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab researcher (USA); asteroid fundi

Dr. Peter Martinez  – SAAO Astronomer; space missions and asteroids