Telescopes made by Grubb Parsons (Partial list)

18-inch Coelostat and 12-inch objective, Mt Stromlo Observatory, Australia, 1927
"18-inch Coelostat for Canberra Observatory:, Nature, February 18, 1928. Also Grubb Parsons Publication No. 5.

36-inch reflector, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, UK, 1930
"36-inch Reflecting Telescope for Edinburgh Observatory", Engineering, Sept 6, 20 and October 4 and 18, 1929. Also Grubb Parsons Publication No. 6.

15/10-inch twin refractor, Edinburgh (1930s)

24/20-inch twin refractor, Saltzjobaden, Sweden, 1931

40-inch reflector, Saltzjobaden, Sweden, 1931

18-inch reflector, Mills Observatory, Dundee, Scotland, 1933

36-inch reflector, Royal Greenwich Observatory, UK, 1933
Web page of former Royal Greenwich Observatory, Herstmonceux, Sussex

16-inch solar coelostat and 12 1/2 - inch Cassegrain telescope, University Observatory, Oxford, 1934 (? possibly 1939).
"Solar Telescope at Oxford University Observatory", Engineering, March 10 and 24, 1939. Also Grubb Parsons Publication No. 13.

74-inch reflector, David Dunlap Observatory, Canada, 1935
"74-in. Reflecting Telescope for the David Dunlap Memorial Observatory of Toronto University, Canada", Engineering, March 9, 30 & April 10, 1934. Also Grubb Parsons Publication No. 10.

16-inch Rockefeller twin photographic refractor, Leiden Southern Station, South Africa, 1938.

74-inch reflector, Radcliffe Observatory, Pretoria, South Africa, 1938.
Since 1976 in Sutherland. See The Engineer, Sept 16, 23, 30, 1938; Glass, I.S., MNASSA, 37, 4-4, 1978.

13/10-inch twin refractor, Pilsudski Observatory, Poland, 1938

48cm reflector, Vilnius (1938). Later Simeiz Ukraine (1968), Maidanek Uzbekistan. Since 2006 in Samarkand Uzbekistan.

10x8 ft^2 heliostat mirror, Wills, Bristol (before WW2)

10-inch P.Z.T., Royal Greenwich Observatory, UK, 1947

12-inch solar telescope, Arosa

20-inch solar reflector 1953 Oxford University, UK, 1953

7-inch transit San Fernando, Spain, 1953

17/24-inch Schmidt Cambridge University, UK, 1954

10-inch P.Z.T., Neuchatel, Switzerland, 1954

7-inch transit, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1954

74-inch reflector, Mt Stromlo, Australia, 1955-2003 (burnt in 2003)

36-inch Schmidt, Cambridge University, UK, 1955

10-inch P.Z.T., Royal Greenwich Observatory, UK, 1955

10-inch P.Z.T., Mt Stromlo, Australia, 1956

75-inch reflector (tube and mounting), St Michel, France, 1956

24-inch Coelostat, Kodaikanal, India, 1958

74-inch reflector, Okayama observatory, formerly Tokyo University, now NOAJ, Japan, 1960

48-inch reflector, Victoria, Canada, 1961

16-inch twin reflector, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, UK, 1962

40-inch reflector, Royal Observatory, South Africa, 1963
Now in Sutherland

74-inch reflector, Helwan (Kottamia), Egypt, 1963.
Original mirror believed to have been destroyed accidentally during aluminizing and replaced by a Zeiss one in 1998.

30-inch reflector, Jungfraujoch, Switzerland, 1966

20-inch reflector, Edinburgh University, UK, 1967

Sent to Mid-Kent Observatory 2012.

16-inch Schmidt, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, UK, 1967

98-inch reflector, Royal Greenwich Observatory, UK, 1967
"The Isaac Newton Telescope", Instrument Review, December 1965, 5pp
"the Isaac Newton Telescope", Parsons Journal, Christmas 1965, 8pp + plate.

16/24-inch Schmidt, Castelgandolfo, 1967

20-inch reflector, Glasgow University, UK, 1968

1.8-m mirror for Asiago, Italy, 1969

48/72-inch Schmidt, Siding Spring, Australia, 1973

154-inch reflector (tube and optics), Siding Spring, Australia, 1974

48-inch reflector, Athens University, Greece, 1975

48-inch reflector (tube and optics), Hamburg, Germany, 1975

30-inch reflector, SAAO, Sutherland, 1975

150-in mirror, UKIRT, Hawaii, 1976

60-in reflector (optics and tube), (Danish tel) ESO, Chile, 1976

31-inch Schmidt (mounting; no optics), Max Planck

39-inch reflector, La Palma, 1979 (Kapteyn)

100-inch mirror only, (new INT mirror), La Palma

48-inch achromatic corrector, Palomar Schmidt, ca 1980

170-inch Herschel reflector, La Palma, 1985

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