Miss Ahern's Junior School, Malahide
Mountjoy School, Clontarf, Dublin (now Mount Temple School) 1949-1952
St Andrew's College, Ballsbridge, Dublin 1952-1957
BA (Natural Sciences) Trinity College, Dublin, 1961
Trinity College Dublin 1957-61
SM (Physics) Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1964
PhD (Physics) Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1968
Research Fellow, MIT, 1968-1969
MIT 1961-69
Research Fellow, Caltech, 1970
Caltech 1970
Royal Greenwich Observatory, 1971-1975
RGO 1970-75
South African Astronomical Observatory, 1975-present
Associate, ESO, 1980-81
Adjunct Professor, James Cook University, Queensland, Australia, 2008-present (so far as I know)

Visitor for various periods at: University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA; MIT; Institut d' Astrophysique, Paris, France; Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, England; Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India; National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (Nobeyama and Mitaka).

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