The Promotion of Access to Information Act

The SAAO is a national facility administered by the National Research Foundation (NRF).

In order to present a balanced and understandable assessment of its position, the NRF strives to ensure that its reporting and disclosure procedures to stakeholders are relevant, clear and effective. The Promotion of Access to Information Act gives effect to the right of access to information as enshrined in the South African Constitution. The NRF views this as not merely an issue of legal compliance, but rather an opportunity to deal with information management in a holistic and integrated manner. The NRF places great emphasis on fostering a culture of transparency and accountability and continues to subscribe to the principles of openness, integrity, accountability and responsibility to stakeholders. With this in mind, the NRF has released its revised manual in compliance with the Act and we trust that this will assist you in requesting information from the NRF.

Download the NRF Access to Information Manual [Manual]

Download Annexure A: Request Form for Access to Records of a Public Body [Annexure A]

Download Annexure B: Prescribed Fees for Public Bodies [Annexure B]