The evolution of low-mass stars in their dying stages

Open Night on 8 June 2019
“The evolution of low-mass stars in their dying stages”


Members of the public are welcome to an Open Night at the SAAO in Cape Town on 8 June 2019, starting at 20h00. Dr. Rajeev Manick (SAAO/UCT) will present a talk titled The evolution of low-mass stars in their dying stages. This will be followed by a tour of the site and (weather permitting) star gazing.

Summary of the talk

Stars are strange. Some evolve as single stars like our sun, while some as binaries, triples or even multiples. The way stars evolve is very much dependent on whether they have a companion or not. In this talk, Dr. Manick will describe how low-mass single stars like our sun would eventually age and compare that to the evolution of a binary system.
His PhD research was related to studying the final stages of a special type of star called RV Tauri stars which are often found in binaries. He will give an overview of his PhD research explaining what they learned.


The Open Night will take place at the SAAO in Cape Town. The SAAO is located off Liesbeeck Parkway, next to the River Club.


Gates open at 19h30 and parking is available on site.

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