What is Artificial Intelligence, really?

Open Night on 13 April 2019
“What is Artificial Intelligence, really?”


Members of the public are welcome to an Open Night at the SAAO in Cape Town on 13 April 2019, starting at 20h00. Dr. Tommie Meyer (UCT/CSIR) will present a talk titled What is Artificial Intelligence, really?. This will be followed by a tour of the site and (weather permitting) star gazing.

Summary of the talk

Is Artificial Intelligence humanity’s biggest existential threat? Are robots on the verge of taking away our jobs? Or has Artificial Intelligence, as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, helped to place us on the cusp of one the greatest advances in human history?
This talk will not provide definitive answers to these questions. Instead, it will give you a broad overview of this exciting field, and help you to understand what Artificial Intelligence is, and what it isn’t. By presenting you with a basic understanding of the science and technology of Artificial Intelligence, it will provide you with the tools to critically evaluate such claims the next time you encounter them.


The Open Night will take place at the SAAO in Cape Town. The SAAO is located off Liesbeeck Parkway, next to the River Club.


Gates open at 19h30 and parking is available on site.

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