Lead Pots & Supplies

The SAAO is wanting to appoint service providers to supply good for the manufacturing of “Lead Pots”. The suppliers will be responsible for supplying moulded lead casting, aluminium for machining and bright blue anodising of the aluminium covers. Suppliers may bid for one or all of the services and each will be awarded individually.


Please see the following documents, which need to be completed and submitted for consideration:

Lead Pots: NRFSAAO2018007 – Lead Pot Mouldings

Aluminium: NRFSAAO2018008 – Aluminium for Lead Pots

Anodising: NRFSAAO2018010 – Anodising

Each submission has a different closing date and time which will be strictly enforced. All potential suppliers must be registered or register on the National Treasury’s centralised supplier databse.

Any queries can be directed to Grant Southey on grant@saao.ac.za


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