Details about the transit of Mercury on 11 November 2019 can be found on this website and in this press release.

The Hopeless HunterAstronomy is no science for an ivory tower: Every year the SAAO reaches out to thousands of learners and members of the general public. Among others we are hosting school groups, offer visitors a look at the telescopes in Sutherland and invite the public in Cape Town to Open Nights twice a month.

We also have resources on this site. You may learn about the Hopeless Hunter, twist your mind (and fingers) with an AstroQuacker or puzzle away with one of our astronomy crosswords. You may even turn the popular Stellarium app into an African experience.

So we invite you to browse this section by following the links in the menu on the left. And if you are missing something, send us a message – we shall attend to your query.