WWT Educator Competition


  • The competition is open to senior phase science educators resident in South Africa, currently teaching grade 7 – 9 Natural Science in public or private schools. For the purposes of the competition “educator” means schoolteacher, trainer, coach, mentor, tutor.
  • The main objective is to develop tours (fulfilling certain criteria – please see below) using WWT. These tours are to be developed on topics specified in the National Curriculum Statement for Grades 7 – 9. Please see list of topics below.
  • It further aims to provide shared resources for use by learners and educators in the classroom.
  • Hands-on workshops will be conducted in Observatory, Cape Town in September and October (dates provided in the registration form).
  • Contest ends 31 October 2014.


  • Install WWT from WorldWide Telescope Website or from the DVD to be distributed at the workshops to be held in Cape Town.
  • Choose a theme from those listed below.
  • Research the topic.
  • Develop an interactive tour using the criteria below.


  1. The theme must be chosen from the list below.
  2. The tour must be interactive.
  3. The tour must ask at least 5 questions and, if you wish, provide answers to them.
  4. The size of the tour must be no more than 10MB.
  5. The tour must be in .wtt format.
  6. Tour must include the following details: Author Name, Tour Title and Tour Description
  7. Only 1 tour may be submitted per educator.
  8. Tours must be scientifically correct. All these tours will be made available online for download, once approved.

Submission Instructions

  • Upload the tour on or before 31 October 2014.
  • Only upload the .wwt format with size no more than 10MB.
  • All tours will be checked for correctness. Once submitted and checked, tours will be made available online for download by others.
  • Upload instructions will be posted shortly.

The Prize

  • Paid trip for 2 to Sutherland in the Northern Cape – including 2 nights accommodation and meals.
  • Trip includes a tour of The Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) and stargazing (weather permitting).
  • The prize covers transport from Cape Town to Sutherland and back. Own arrangements need to be made to get to Observatory, Cape Town.
  • Date: this to be determined with the prize winner.


1. Moon phases (for the southern hemisphere)
2. Tides
3. Seasons
4. Sun-Earth system
5. Sun-Earth-Moon system
6. Earth-Moon system
7. Our Solar System
8. Life cycle of stars (Our Sun)
9. Birth of a star
10. Death of a star
11. Extra-solar planets
12. Milky Way Galaxy
13. Beyond the Milky Way
14. The moon
15. Surface of Mars
16. Planet Earth
17. Constellations – Orion, The Southern Cross

Should you feel there are other themes that need to be included, please forward your suggestions to vk@saao.ac.za.



Who can participate in Worldwide Telescope Tour Competition?

Grade 7 – 9 educator (schoolteacher, trainer, coach, mentor, tutor) resident in South Africa and teaching Natural Science at a public or private South African school

Do I need to attend a workshop?

No, this is not necessary.

How will a tour be judged?

The educational and quality value of the tour will be judged.

Can I submit multiple tours

No, only 1 tour per educator.

What software tools will I need?

WorldWide Telescope (WWT) software freely available at http://www.worldwidetelescope.com.

How can I find out who won?

The winner will be made known on this website.

When will the winner be notified?

By 30 November 2014

What is the prize?

A trip for 2 from Cape Town to Sutherland. Includes 2 nights accommodation meals.

What if I live outside Cape Town?

You would need to make your own arrangement to get to Observatory, Cape Town. This will be at your cost.