Ian Glass: Telescopes and other instruments by Thomas and Howard Grubb

This list is intended to be as comprehensive as possible for the Grubbs' larger telescopes. The reference lists are representative rather than complete. VTM denotes Glass, I.S., 1997. Victorian Telescope Makers, The Lives and Letters of Thomas and Howard Grubb, Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol and Philadelphia.

48 - in reflector, Melbourne, Australia, 1869.
A reconstruction of the telescope using some of the original parts and a new glass mirror was used for the very successful MACHO project from the late 20th century onwards. Unfortunately it was destroyed in the Mt Stromlo fire of 2003. However, the heavy original parts were not much damaged and a project is now under way in Melbourne to reconstruct the instrument in its original form.
VTM, pp39-61.
Robinson, T.R., Grubb, T., 1870. Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc., 159, 127.
Website of the Great Melbourne Telescope, including the Phoenix newsletter.

41 - in refractor, Nicholaieff (Poulkovo), Russia
Mechanical, but not optical, parts completed under Grubb-Parsons. Never installed. Included dome and rising floor.
Warner, B., Sky and Telescope, 50, 370, 1975.
Grubb-Parsons Publs Nos. 1 and 4, 1926.

40 - in refl, Simeis, Crimea, 1925
With 32 - ft dome. Finishing touches possibly by Grubb-Parsons.
VTM, pp220-224.
J. Sci. Instrs., 2, 1, 1924.
Nature, 113, 550, 1924
Shajn, G., 1926. Bull. de l'Obs. Central de Russie \`{a} Poulkovo, 10, 450.

36 - in refr, Lick, USA (Designs only)
The Engineer, 42, 21, 1886.

36 - in refl, Lick, USA (Crossley).
Refiguring of mirror only. This was the mirror used from 1896 on (17.5 ft f.l).
VTM pp95-114
Observatory, 22, 135, 1899.
Observatory, 23, 355, 1900. Campbell, W.W., Astrophys. J., 16, 121, 1902.
Grubb-Parsons Publ. No. 1, 1926. Stone, R.P.S., 1979. Sky and Telescope, 58, 307, 1979.

30 - in refl / 26 -in refr, Greenwich, England, 1897 (Thompson)}
Photograph in album ``Miscellaneous Telescopes", Tyne and Wear Archives - with 30-inch grating. Mirror by Common. Refr of 22 1/2 ft f.l.
Now at Herstmonceux, Sussex.
Observatory, 20, 439, 1897.
Web page of former Royal Greenwich Observatory, Herstmonceux, Sussex

28 - in refr, Greenwich, England, 1893
Commissioned in 1991. On old mounting designed by Airy. Lens convertible for photography. Moved to Herstmonceux in 1957 and back to Greenwich in 1971.
Observatory, 16, 401, 1893.
Web article National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

27 - in refr, Vienna, Austria, 1878 For a time, world's largest refractor. With 45-ft dome and 3 others of 27 ft.
VTM pp81-94
Engineering, 29, 114, 1880. (Start of a series)

26 1/2 - in refr, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1925 (Union, now Republic, Observatory)}
VTM pp208-220
Robbins, F., Nature, 112, 104, 1923.
Hers, J., 1987. Mon. Notes Astr. Soc. Sthn. Africa, 46, 75.

24 - in Newtonian refl, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1872 Originally at Calton Hill Observatory. Later moved to Blackford Hill.
VTM pp69-71
Publ. Astr. Soc. Pacific., 10, 69, 1898. (incl. illustr.)
Bruck, H.A. and Bruck, M.T., 1988. The Peripatetic Astronomer - the Life of Charles Piazzi Smyth, Hilger.

24 - in refl, Daramona, Ireland, 1881 10.5 ft f.l. Observatory of W.E. Wilson. Mounted originally on the stand of Wilson's 12 - inch reflector. New mount purchased 1892. In use after 1929 at Mill Hill Observatory (University College, London). Now in Merseyside County Museum, Liverpool (1996).
McNally, D. and Hoskin, M., J. Hist. Astr., 19, 146, 1988. Astronomical and Physical Researches Made at Mr Wilson's Observatory, Daramona, Westmeath}. Privately printed, 1900.
Web article by J.C. McConnell

24 - in photogr. refr / 18 - in vis. refr (McClean or Victoria Telescope) Royal Observatory, Cape, South Africa, 1900 22 1/2 ft f.l.
VTM pp155-181
Gill, D., 1913. A History and Description of the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, London, H.M.S.O.

24 - in photogr. refr / 18 - in vis. refr Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, England, 1902} With 32 - ft dome and rising floor. This telescope was afterwards moved to the University of London Observatory, Mill Hill.
Univ. Lond. Observatory web page ,
Engineering, 82, 819, 1906.

24 - in refr, Santiago, Chile, (Chilean National Astr. Obsy.), 1925 Ordered 1909. With 45 - ft dome and rising floor. Dome finished ca. 1913 (Grubb-Innes correspondence). Illustrated under construction in Grubb-Parsons Publ. No. 4, 1926. Moved from Santiago to Cerro Calan, 1956.
Rutllant, F., Inf. Bull. S. Hem., No. 4, 1963.
Rutllant, F., Sky and Telescope, 16, 474, 1957.
Grubb-Parsons Pub. No. 4, 1926, p.29.

20 - in refl, Glasgow, Scotland, ca. 1851 Perhaps only the speculum-metal mirror was made by Thomas Grubb, although Howard Grubb in his correspondence showed that he believed the whole instrument to be due to his father. Still in use, 1912.
Mon. Not. R. Astr. Soc., 72, 278, 1912.

20 - in refl (8.2 ft focal length) / 7 - in refr, Roberts, Magull, England, 1885 Moved to Crowborough 1885. Moved to Norwich 1930.
Observatory, 53, 311, 1930.
Hollis, H.P., 1914. Observatory, 27, 245.

20 - in refl, Poona, India, ca. 1887 F/33.5 Cassegrain. Started life as a 16 1/2 - inch Newtonian (q.v.). Became a Cassegrain in 1894. In 1896 became a 20-inch with mirror by A.A. Common. Moved to Kodaikanal 1912 but installed only in 1951. Now in Leh, North India (1989).
Hollis, H.P., 1914. Observatory, 27, 245.
Kochar, R.K., 1990. Indian Inst. Ap. Newsletter, 5, 6. Salwi, D.M., 1988.
J. Brit. Astron. Assoc., 98, 189, 1988.
Observatory, 11, 438, 1888.

20 - in reflector Potters Bar ca 1890s Owned by Henry Ellis (BAA Treasurer). Walter Gale, Sydney, 1928. H. Pinnock, before 1945. J.H. Catts (1951). Mt Stromlo Observatory, 1952. Mt Bingar field station, 1959 (66-cm [26-in] primary). Siding Spring, 1963. Perth (UWA), 1969 (New 41-cm primary). Placed in storage, 1987. (Information from W. Orchiston, 2003).
Orchiston, W., 2005. J. Brit. Astr. Ass., 115, 295.

19 - in Heliostat, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Washington, D.C., USA The governor of the clock was soon replaced by one due to Warner and Swasey.
Grubb, H., 1890, Proc. Roy. Dubl. Soc., 6, 598.
Langley, S.P. and Abbot, C.G., 1900. Ann. Astrophys. Obs. Smithsonian Inst., 1, 45.

18 - in refl / 15 - in refr Tulse Hill (Huggins's Observatory) England, 1870
Property of Royal Society, loaned to Huggins. Originally the telescopes were interchangeable; they were placed on the same mount in 1882. With drum-type roof. Given by Royal Society to Cambridge University Observatory in 1909. In Cambridge until 1954
King, H.C., 1955. The History of the Telescope}, Charles Griffin and Co., High Wycombe
Stratton, F.J.M., 1949. Ann. Sol. Phys. Obsy., Cambridge.

17 - in refl / 8 - in refr, Manchester Exhibition, ca 1887 Possibly made up only for the exhibition. Reflector could be that of the 16 1/2 - inch Poona telescope mentioned below.
Engineering, 44, 630, 1887.

16 1/2 - in refl / 4 - in refr, Poona College of Sci. Observatory, India See 20 - in reflector, Poona.
Observatory, 11, 438, 1888.

16 - in twin photographic refr, Heidelberg, Germany, 1900 Lenses by Brashear.
Vierteljahrsschrift der Astr. Gesell., 35, 121, 1900.

16 - in refr, Madrid, Spain, 1920
With spectrograph and bifilar micrometer. Illustrated in album Miscellaneous Telescopes, Tyne and Wear Archives, with a mfrs. plate marked 1912.

15.1 - in refr, Dun Echt, Scotland, 1873 Later at Royal Observatory Edinburgh.
Publ. Astr. Soc. Pacific, 10, 69, 1898. (incl. illustr.)

15 - in refl, Armagh, N. Ireland, 1835 Reflector barrel and primary missing. The remains constitute the oldest surviving Grubb telescope parts.
Restoration by David Sinden (2004);
Moore, P., 1967. Armagh Observatory 1790-1967, Armagh Observatory.
McFarland, J., 1990. Vistas in Astronomy, 33, 149. (Illustr.)

15 - in refr, Tacubaya, Mexico, 1880 15 ft f.l. With 24 - ft dome.
Puga, G.B.Y., 1893. Descripcion del Observatorio Astronomico N. de Tacubaya, Mexico, Secretaria de Fomento.

15 - in refl, Dunsink, Ireland (Roberts) 1888
Originally a With mirror on a mounting by Cooke (probably the original mount of Roberts's 7 -in Cooke refractor which became the guide telescope of his 20 - in photographic reflector), this telescope was renovated by Grubb for presentation to Trinity College Dublin (Dunsink Observatory) in 1888. Later it was remounted by Grubb. Mounting later carried a 28-inch reflector.
Wayman, P.A., Dunsink Observatory 1785-1985, 1987. Dubl. Inst. Adv. Stud. and Roy. Dubl. Soc.

15 - in refr, Mississippi, USA, 1893
15 ft f.l. According to Holden (1892), with a 9 - inch photographic refractor. Illustration U. Miss. web article. The latter states that the 15-inch is mounted with 9 - inch photographic and 4 - inch visual telescopes.
Holden, E.S., 1892. Publ. Astr. Soc. Pacific, 4, 155.
U. Miss. web article (May 2006)

15 - in refr, Dunn's Observatory, Maidenhead, England
There was a f/12 visual refr. of 1893 and a photographic one of 1894. The latter telescope is the ``portrait lens" of 15 inches aperture and 89 inches focal length referred to in Observatory (1897). Grubb also supplied a hand-operated rising floor. Later at Wilfrid Hall's observatory in Hepple Woodside, Northumberland. A photograph exists in the album ``Miscellaneous Telescopes", Tyne and Wear Archives (Grubb-Parsons collection). Now known as the Wilfrid Hall telescope and located at the Alston Observatory of the University of Central Lancashire. Owned by the Royal Astronomical Society.
Observatory, 20, 155, 1897.
Grubb-Parsons Publ. No. 1, p45, 1926.
Mentioned in Grubb-Gill correspondence.
Further information supplied by Prof G. Brommage, Univ. Central Lancs.

15 - in refr, Stonyhurst Coll. Obsy., England Memorial to Father Perry. Erected 6 Nov 1894.
Observatory, 17, 116, 1894.

15 - in refr, Nizamiah Observatory, Hyderabad, India, 1903
Donated by Nawab Zafer Jung to the Nizamiah Observatory. Now part of Osmania University. Photograph in album Miscellaneous Telescopes, Tyne and Wear Archives, Grubb-Parsons collection.
Nizamiah Observatory, Platinum Jubilee Souvenir 1908-1983.

15 - in Coelostat Kobe Marine Observatory, Japan (before 1926)
Grubb-Parsons Publ. No. 4, p. 24, 1926 (Illustr).

13.3 - in refr, Markree, Ireland, 1834 Lens by Cauchoix, Paris. 25.5 ft f.l. For a time, the world's largest refractor.
Doberck, W., 1884. Observatory, 7, 283, 329.
See VTM pp13-16.
Web article by Alan Chu (2005) (pdf)

13 - inch refl, Dun Echt, Scotland, 1874 Parts now in Royal Museum of Scotland.
Burnett, J. and Morrison-Low, A., 1990. Vulgar and Mechanick, Roy. Dubl. Soc.

13 - in refr, Cork, Ireland
With dome. Added to 8-inch refractor. Mentioned in Engineering in 1888 as being under construction. Crawford web page
Engineering, 46, 573, 1888.

13 - in photogr. refr (Astrographic) Tacubaya, Mexico 1889
With 18 - ft dome. Mounting used for ``twin Einstein cameras" during solar eclipse of March 2, 1970.
Engineering, 46, 571, 1888.
Sky and Telescope, 39, 280, 1970.

13 - in photogr. refr, (Astrographic) Greenwich, England, 1890
Later moved to Herstmonceux. Later still, re-mounted by Grubb Parsons.
Web page of former Royal Greenwich Observatory, Herstmonceux, Sussex

13 - in photogr. refr, (Astrographic) Melbourne, Australia, 1890
Later moved to Sydney. Since 2008 in Powerhouse Museum.
Web pages of Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

13 - in photogr. refr, (Astrographic) Sydney, Australia, 1890
Lens only.
Description of the Star Camera, at the Sydney Observatory, 1892. Sydney Observatory.

13 - in photogr. refr, (Astrographic) Royal Obsy, Cape, South Africa, 1891
With dome. No longer possesses original drive clock.
Gill, D., 1913. A History and Description of the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, London, H.M.S.O.

13 - in photogr. refr, (Astrographic) Perth, Australia, 1897

12 1/2 - in refr, (siderostatic coude) Cambridge, England, (Sheepshanks Telescope) 1898
Lens was a triple apochromat by Cooke, later replaced by a photographic doublet. Used by H.N. Russell to determine some of the stellar parallaxes included in his first Colour-Magnitude diagram.
Ball, Sir R., 1899. Observatory, 59, 152.
Stratton, F.J.M., 1949. Ann. Sol. Phys. Obsy., Cambridge. Vol. 1.
Dewhirst, D.W., 1982. J. Hist. Astr., 13, 119.

12 1/2 - inch refr, Mecca, 1898
Photograph in album Miscellaneous Telescopes, Grubb-Parsons Collection, Tyne and Wear Archives.
Grubb Catalogue (1899).

12.2 - in refr, Oxford, England, 1875
14.7 ft f.l.
In Keele Observatory since ca 1960.
Astr. Reg., 12, 4, 1874.
Web pages Keele Observatory

12 - in refr, Dunsink, Ireland, 1868
Lens by Cauchoix. 19 ft f.l. The lens was that of the telescope made by Troughton and destroyed by South. Dome designed by Thomas Grubb. Altered by Howard Grubb, 1909.
Wayman, P.A., Dunsink Observatory 1785-1985, 1987. Dubl. Inst. Adv. Stud. and Roy. Dubl. Soc.

12-in refl, Melbourne, 1870
Parts and a mount for a 12-inch speculum-metal reflector were sent to Melbourne so that local astronomers could practice polishing techniques for the 48-in reflector (see chap. 2). History uncertain, but at least mirror may still exist (Orchiston, 1990, private communication).

12 - in refl, Wilson, Daramona, Ireland, 1871
Used for lunar photography and ``experiments on solar radiation with thermo piles". Mount used 1881-1892 for a 24-inch reflector by Grubb.
Astronomical and Physical Researches Made at Mr Wilson's Observatory, Daramona, Westmeath. Privately printed, 1900.

12 - in refr, Dresden, Germany, (von Englehardt's Observatory) 1879
Replaced an 8 - in refr. by Grubb (q.v.). Micrometer by Grubb had unsatisfactory lighting and was replaced in 1882 by a Repsold one. Given in 1897 to Imperial Russian Observatory, Kasan. Mentioned in Astronomcal Almanac for 1982 as being at Kazan R.S.F.S.R. The illustrations in von Englehart (1886) show a well-appointed private observatory of the time.
Observatory, 14, 353, 1891.
Observatory, 20, 429, 1897.
von Englehardt, 1886. Observations Astronomiques , Dresden, G. Baensch.

12 - in photogr. refr / 10 1/2 - in vis refr McLean, Tunbridge Wells, England, 1895
f.l. 11.25 ft. Photograph in album Miscellaneous Telescopes, Grubb-Parsons Collection, Tyne and Wear Archives. Later (1913) presented to Norman Lockyer Observatory at Sidmouth.
Observatory, 17, 344, 1894.
Observatory, 18, 320, 1895.
Hutchings, A.R., 1982. J. Brit. Astr. Assoc., 93, 25. (history).
Web page

12 - in refl with 8 - in refr, Manchester Technical School, England, 1899
Probably that illustrated on p.17 of 1903 Grubb Catalogue. (Newtonian reflector). Photograph in album Miscellaneous Telescopes, Grubb Parsons Collection, Tyne and Wear Archives.
Godlee Observatory, Manchester Astronomical Society. Web page, Manchester Astronommical Society

12 - in lens Hyderabad, India, ca 1913
3.4m focal length. Guide telescope of astrograph at Nizamiah Observatory, Hyderabad. Dome and photo-telescope by Cooke.
Srinivasan, S.R., J. Brit. Astr. Assoc., 96, 339, 1986.

11 - in polar siderostat, Kodaikanal, India, 1897
With 6 - in lens, 40' f.l.
Report on the Madras Observatory for the Year 1897-98

10 - in refr, Armagh, N. Ireland, 1885 (Robinson Memorial)
Included dome - similar to Natal Observatory. Micrometer presented by Grubb as his contribution. Extant (1996). Armagh web page,
Moore, P., 1967. Armagh Observatory 1790-1967, Armagh Observatory.
McFarland, J., 1990. Vistas in Astronomy, 33, 149. (Illustr.)

10 - inch refr, Coats Observatory, Paisley, Scotland, 1897
With 10 - ft dome.
Grubb Catalogue 1899, 1903.
Renfrewshire Astronomical Society web pages,

9 - in refl, T. Grubb's private observatory, Dublin, Ireland, 1830-1840
FitzGerald, W.G., 1896. Strand Magazine, 12, 369.

9 - in photogr. refr, Royal Obsy., Cape, South Africa, (Nasmyth lens), ca 1886
Mounted on the Grubb stand of 1879 owned by Gill and now carrying a 9-inch refractor at Republic Observatory. The lens still exists at SAAO (1996).
Glass, I.S., 1989. Mon. Notes Astr. Soc. Sthn. Africa, 48, 29.

bf 9 - inch refr, Ballarat, Australia, (Col. Oddie), 1888
Photograph in album Miscellaneous Telescopes, Grubb-Parsons Collection, Tyne and Wear Archives. Given on death of Oddie to what is now Mt. Stromlo Obsy. Destroyed in 2003 fire.
Allen, C.W., 1978. Records of Austr. Acad. Sci., 4, 27.
Orchiston, W., 1989. Search, 20, 198.

9 - in photogr. refr, Sir H. Thompson's Observatory, Hampton, England, ca 1888
Engineering, 46, 571, 1888.

9 - in refr, Aldershot Observatory, Farnham, Surrey 1891
The telescope and dome were bought by Patrick Young Alexander (1867-1943) and donated by him to "The Army Corps" in 1906. Information from http://www.farnham-as.co.uk/aldershotobservatory.htm. See also the Wikipedia article on Aldershot Observatory.

9 - in refr Transvaal, South Africa, (later Union, later still Republic) Observatory 1907
On Grubb mount of 1879 [originally for a Repsold heliometer] donated by Sir David Gill. Lens re-worked, 1908.
Hers, J., 1987. Mon. Notes Astr. Soc. Sthn. Africa, 46, 39.
Innes, R.T.A., Observatory, 71, 315, 1911. This telescope was used for one of the first parallax determinations of Proxima Cen, the nearest star, by R.T.A. Innes. For some time in an observatory atop the UNISA building in Pretoria, South Africa, it is now (2012) back at the Transvaal/Union/Republic Observatory site.

9 - in refr, ``Escobar", 1909
Photograph in Miscellaneous Telescopes, Grubb-Parsons Collection, Tyne and Wear Archives.

9 - in refr, Castro-Urdiales, Spain (de Ocharan)
Grubb-Parsons Publ. No 1, 1926. p.18 (illustration).

8 - in; originally a refr with an 8 - inch lens. Birmingham University 1872 Now carries a 5.5-inch Cooke refractor, possibly a triplet lens (information from Samuel George; also from Kevin Johnson, London Science Museum).

8 - in refr Dresden, Germany, 1877 (von Englehardt)
Later exchanged for 12 - in model (q.v.). 3.3m f.l. Located at original observatory, Leibnitz Str 2.

8 - in refr, Crawford Obsy, Cork, Ireland, ca 1878
Awarded Gold Medal at Paris Exhibition of 1878. Illustrated in most of Grubb's Catalogues as "Standard Equatorial". With 15 - ft dome and spectroscope. Crawford web page
Grubb, H., 1880. Proc. Roy. Dubl. Soc., 2, 347.
Engineering, 28, 277, 1899.

8 - in refr Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia (W. Bone's Observatory), 1882
Later (1886) purchased by Tebbutt, Windsor, NSW, from Bone's estate.
Observatory, 11, 162, 1888.
Orchiston, W., 1982. Southern Stars, 29, 215; 1987, 32, 11.
Sky and Telescope, 69, 160, 1985.

8 - in refr, Durban, South Africa, 1882
With dome and transit room. Observatory closed, 1913.
Mon. Not. R. Astr. Soc., 73, 263, 1913. (closure)
History of Natal Obsy., unpub. ms by M.A. Gray.

8 - in refr, Yale, New Haven, Ct., USA, 1882
With two 15 - ft domes.
Astr. Reg., 22, 235, 1884.
Ann. Rep. Yale Coll. Obsy., 1881-1882.

8 - inch refr, Louvain, Belgium, (private observatory of Terby), 1885
Mentioned in letter to Gill, 13 September, 1885.

8 - in refr, Caracas, Venezuela, ca 1888.
With 15 - ft dome
Engineering, 46, 571, 1888.

8 - in photographic refr with 6 - in photographic doublet and 6 - inch visual refr, Madrid, Spain, 1891
Photograph in album Miscellaneous Telescopes, Grubb-Parsons Collection, Tyne and Wear Archives.
Grubb Catalogue, 1903, p.5. (Photograph)
G-P Publ. No. 4, 1926, p.21.

8 - in lens on Cooke 12 - in Siderostat, Poona, India
Observatory, 18, 339, 1895.

8 - in refr (1895).
Mount currently owned by Las Cruces Astronomical Society and carrying a 12-in Cassegrain. Original tube extant. (information, John W. Briggs, Yerkes) Picture of mount

8 - in visual refr, Madrid, Spain (1900)
Astr. Almanac, 1982.
Grubb Catalogue, 1903, p.5. Photograph.

8 - in visual refr, Madrid, Spain (1900)

8 - in refr, Sao Paulo, Brazil, (Instituto Astronomico e Geofisico de Sao Paulo)
Inf. Bull. S. Hem., No. 11, 1967.

8 - in coelostat (Royal Irish Academy), 1900
Was made for a joint eclipse expedition of the Royal Dublin Society and the Royal Irish Academy to Spain in 1900. Later, in 1919, it was used on the famous eclipse expedition to Sobral, Brazil, when Dyson, Eddington and Davidson verified Einstein's theory of general relativity by measuring the deflection of starlight due to the gravitational field of the sun.
Sci. Trans. Roy. Dubl. Soc., (2nd Ser.) 8, 65, 1904.
Royal Dublin Society Bi-Centenary Celebrations 1931 Official Handbook.
Dyson, F.W. et al, 1920. Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc., 220, 291.

8 - in Coelostat, Ebro, Spain, ca 1900
Puig, P. Ignacio, 1928. El Observatorio del Ebro.

King Edward VII Nautical School, Limehouse, London, 8 - in refr ca 1904
English Mechanic and World of Science, Apr 22, p. 237 and May 20, p. 333, 1904 (Thanks to Bill Barton, Soc. Hist. Astr.).
The Observatory, 27, p. 250, 1904.

8 - in Solar Telescope (Coelostat) Poulkovo, Russia, 1923
Ordered before WW I. Designed in collaboration with Dr Belopolsky. With a complete 7 - metre solar spectrograph.
Engineering, July 18, 1924.
Grubb-Parsons Publication No. 2.

7 1/4 - in refr, Armagh, N. Ireland, 1861
48 ins f.l. Attached to Jones mural circle. An unusual refractor with two cemented doublets.
Robinson, T.R. and Dreyer, J.L.E., 1886. Second Armagh Catalogue .... , Thom, Dublin.
McFarland, J., 1990. Vistas in Astronomy, 33, 149. (Illustr.)

7 1/2 - in refr, Potsdam, Germany, 1877

Astr. Reg., 15, 189, 1877.
Astr. Reg., 20, 209, 1882.

7 - in Woolwich, England, Royal Artillery Institute, 1872
Cost 500 pounds in 1873.
"I came over here [London] to erect an Equatorial for the Artillery Institute at Woolwich but have come to a complete standstill the pier they have built being about 25 degrees!!! out of the meridian and the stones cracked so badly that it would be absolutely dangerous to mount the instrument on them." (H. Grubb to G.G. Stokes, 21 Aug., 1872. G482, Stokes Correspondence, Cambridge Univ. Lib.) Went to Bedford College in 1927 and to Royal Holloway in 1985.
Report Brit. Assoc., 1872, p.30.

7 - in ``Panjab" 1913
Photograph in album Miscellaneous Telescopes, Grubb-Parsons Collection, Tyne and Wear Archives.

6.7 - in Greenwich, England, (Sheepshanks Refr) 1838
Objective of 8' 2'' f.l. by Cauchoix, Paris. Currently (1990) in storage. (Late D. Howse, private comm.)
Airy, G.B., Greenwich Observations, 1845, 1847

6 1/2 - inch Sofia, Bulgaria. Before 1899
Photograph in album Miscellaneous Telescopes, Grubb-Parsons Collection, Tyne and Wear Archives.
Grubb Catalogue, 1899.

6 - in refl, Dublin, Ireland, 1836 or before
Primary of 3 feet f.l. Cassegrain, Gregorian and Newtonian. Referred to in a discussion on the suitability of reflectors for micrometrical work.
Grubb, T., 1836. Mon. Not. R. Astr. Soc., 3, 177.

6 - in refr, West Point, New York, USA, 1840
8 ft f.l. Objective by Lerebours, Paris
Bartlett, W.H.C., 1846. Trans. Amer. Phil. Soc., New Ser., 9, 191.
Andre, C. and Angot, A., L'Astronomie Practique et Les Observatoires en Europe et en Amerique .... , Paris, Gauthier-Villars, 1877.

6 - in refr, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, late 1870s?
Has smaller and shorted telescope mounted on its side.
Merz objective?
Panoramic view

6 - in refr, Port Macquarie, Australia (W.J. Macdonnell), 1870s or 1880s
In National Museum of Australia since 2005.
Observatory, 71, 271, 1911.
Orchiston, W., 1990. Private communication.
Wep pages, National Museum of Australia

6 - in refr, Tacubaya, 1882
Transit of Venus type.
Puga, G.B.Y., 1893. Descripcion del Observatorio Astronomico N. de Tacubaya, Mexico, Secretaria de Fomento.

6 - in Sydney Observatory, Australia, 1882
A Transit of Venus Telescope
Web pages, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
Accessories for above.

6 - in refr, Royal Obsy, Cape, South Africa, 1882
Originally a ``Transit of Venus" telescope. Mounting replaced in 1886 by another designed for an 8 - in telescope. Lens broken during 1970s and replaced. Drive electrified, 1980s. Clockwork in SAAO museum.

6 - in refractor San Fernando, (nr. Cadiz) Spain
Probably before 1885.
Anales del Instituto y Observatorio de Marina de San Fernando, 1907.

ca. 6 - in refr, Springfield Observatory, Gomersal, England (Mr Cooke)
Before 1885. With 15 - ft dome.
Grubb Catalogue, 1885.

6 - in refr, Science Museum, London, England, 1884
Purchased 1985. (J. Darius, private communication)

6 - in Constantinople [Istanbul], Turkey, 1884
Mentioned in a letter from Grubb to Gill 17 December, 1884. With dome.
Grubb Catalogue, 1885, p.21.

6 - in New Zealand, 1885
Referred to in Gill-Grubb correspondence. Probably Wellington instrument mentioned in Grubb's catalogues.

6 - in refr, Cartuja, Spain, 1887
2.2m f.l.
Appears to antedate the observatory. Possibly obtained second-hand.
Observatorio de Cartuja 1902-1927, Recuerdo del XXV Aniversario, SAAO Pamphlet Collection 104, No. 19.

6 - in refr, Denver, Colorado, USA, Chamberlain Observatory 1894(?)
Mounting only, lens by Brashear. Dismantled 1944.
Bartlett, T.J., Sky and Telescope, 9, 51, 1950.

6 - in refr, Brisbane, F.D.G. Stanley, before 1895
Orchiston, W., 1990. Private communication.

6 - in refr, Eastbourne, England, (Northfield Grange Observatory, Mr Chambers)
7' 6" f.l.
Chambers, G.F., 1890. Handbook of Astronomy, 4th ed., Vol. 2, Plate X., Oxford.

6 - in refr, Astronomical Association of Queensland
See www

6 - in refr, Barcelona, Spain
With dome (illustrated in Grubb-Parsons Publ. No.4, 1926).
Boletin del Observatorio Fabra I Section Astronomica, No. 1. 1919.

6 - in refr, Valencia, Spain, 1909 Tyne and Wear Archives.
Web pages Valencia Observatory

6 - in visual refr, Castro-Urdiales, Spain (de Ocharan)
With two photographic telescopes attached. 4 3/4 -in camera, 24"focus. 4 3/4 - in camera, 39"focus.
Photograph in album ``Miscellaneous Telescopes" in Tyne and Wear Archives, marked 1912.
Grubb-Parsons Publ. No. 1, p2, p18, 1926.

6 - in Farnham telescope, Co Cavan 1886
Was owned by S.H. Maxwell (1849-1900), later Baron Farnham. Taken by W.G. Duffield to Australia, where it was installed at Mount Stromlo in 1928. It did not survive the fire of 18 January 2003 [W. Orchiston, private comm.].
The Farnham refractor.

6 - in refr, ``Sykes" 1924
Photograph in album Miscellaneous Telescopes, Grubb-Parsons Collection, Tyne and Wear Archives.

6 - in Tokio Nautical College. Before 1903.
Tyne and Wear Archives

6 - in refr, Torquay Boys' Grammar School.
1895?. 80-in focal length.
Early history lost. In use in the post-war period by a person living in Dartington near Totnes in Devonshire (England). It was later donated to a Mrs Iris Allison of the Dartington Astronomical Society. It was given to the Torquay Boys' Grammar School in 1993 and afterwards restored to its original appearance. See also this web page

5.6 - in heliometers (refrs) Royal Observatory, Brussels, Belgium
Special heliometers for transit of Venus observations. Lens by Cauchoix.
Houzeau, J.C., Ann. de L'Obs. Roy. de Bruxelles, N.S. 5, 1884.

5 1/2 - in Wellington, N.Z.
Pre-1890; first recorded owner T. King; Still at Thomas King Observatory, Wellington, 1996. Associated with Carter Observatory, Wellington. Same instrument as 6 - in, New Zealand, 1885?
Orchiston, W., 1990. Private communication.
See web page of Friends of Wellington Botanic Garden

5 1/4 - in refr, (J.M. Offord) 1885
Observatory, 8, 78, 1885.

5 - in binoculars, (D.W. Edgecombe, Newington, Ct) before 1895
Popular Astronomy, 2, 370, 1895.

5 - in refr, University of Northern Iowa
Now owned by J.W. Briggs, Chicago.

5 - in refr, Royal College of Science, England, ca 1911
Equipped with prism. Lens by Zeiss.
Mon. Not. R. Astr. Soc., 71, 303, 1911.

5 - in portrait lens, Kodaikanal, India, ca 1898
36" focal length. Mounted on Lerebours equatorial of 1850.
Kodaikanal and Madras Obsy. Report for 1903

5 - in ``Astrographic", Coimbra Observatory, Portugal
Illustrated in album Miscellaneous Telescopes, Grubb-Parsons Collection, Tyne and Wear Archives, as 6-inch photographic equatorial with 6-inch prism.
Grubb-Parsons Publ. No. 4, p.21, 1926.

5 - in Transit Circle, Cork, Ireland, (Crawford Observatory) ca 1880
With unusual roof shutter and glass circles. Crawford web page
Proc. Roy. Dubl. Soc., 2, 347, 1880.

5 - in refr, Sydney, Pre-1899
Earliest recorded owner C.W. Darley. At Physics Building, Univ. of Sydney.
Orchiston, W., 1990. Private Communication

5 - in refr, Mr and Mrs A. Bourke, Ballina
Mounted on offset alt-azimuth head with tripod.
Illustrated in Mollan, C, Mind and Hand, Instruments of Science 1685-1932, Catalog of an exhibition held at Trinity College Dublin in 1995.

5 - in refr, Wanganui School Museum, ca 1920
Mount by Dallmeyer.

4 1/2 - in photogr. refr, Liverpool Astr. Soc., England
Espin, T.E., Observatory, 7, 247, 1884.

4 - in siderostatic tel., Cork, Ireland, (Crawford Observatory), ca 1879. Crawford web page
Proc. Roy. Dubl. Soc., 2, 347, 1880.
Trans. Roy. Dubl. Soc., 3, 61, 1883.

4 - in siderostatic telescope. Coats Observatory, Paisley, Scotland
Grubb Catalogue, 1899.

4 - in refr
Gould, J.A., 1976. J. Br. Astr. Assoc., 87, 63.

4 - in lens, 19-ft f.l.
Used with 8 - in coelostat (q.v.) of Royal Irish Academy in the famous 1919 eclipse expedition.

4 - in refr, Sir Robert Hadfield (1899)
Information from current owner, James Gort, Oxford Observatory, who purchased it from the Sheffield astronomical Society.

4 - in refr, San Fernando, Spain
Anales del Instituto y Observatorio de Marina de San Fernando, 1907.

4 - in refr, Sydney; pre-1913
Earliest recorded owner J. Nangle.
Orchiston, W., 1990. Private communication.

3 - in speculum, 6 ft f.l.
Used in connection with an attempt to photograph the solar corona from a mountain site in Switzerland.

Woods, C.R., 1884. Observatory, 7, 376, 1884.

3 - in refr, Kilgrew, Kimberley, South Africa, ca. 1881
Ordered by Gill in a letter to Grubb, 12 July 1881.

3 - in (?) Coronagraph, Royal Obsy., Cape, South Africa, 1885
Mentioned in Gill-Grubb correspondence. With a wooden tube and a speculum mirror. Size uncertain. C.R. Woods was involved in the design. (See 3 - in speculum, above)

Early Thomas Grubb Mount, University College Galway,
resembling Markree mount, on wooden frame with wheels. Currently carrying a 5-in telescope with airspaced objective. Possibly as early as 1850. May have been acquired by George Johnson Stoney, who was professor in Galway from ca 1845. (Information from Prof Michael Redfern, Physics Dept, UCG, 2003)

Untraced and Miscellaneous, Mentioned in Catalogues Etc

Transvaal. Untraced


Collurania-Teramo has a Grubb filar micrometer and some sort of camera which attached to a Cooke telescope.

Havana 6-10 in. Untraced

Coelostat Spanish Govt
Illustrated in Grubb Catalogue, 1903. Size not mentioned.

Moscow. Untraced.
``Clock arrangements for Moscow" mentioned in letter from Grubb to Gill 20 January, 1886.

Rome. Untraced

"Small Equatorials for Peking".
Engineering, 46, 571.

Naples. Untraced

Aci Reale (Sicily: Catania?)

Turin. Untraced

Tenerife. Untraced

Farmleigh telescope
A telescope of unknown diameter was made for Farmleigh, a mansion belonging to the Guinness brewing family, ca 1880-1885.
Farmleigh home page

Transit instrument of 46-in focal length, before 1836
In T. Grubb's Private Observatory, Dublin, Ireland
Grubb, T., 1836. Mon. Not. R. Astr. Soc., 3, 177.

Spectro-heliograph, Madrid, Spain.
Presumably with coelostat (before 1903).
Grubb-Parsons Publication No. 4, 1926.

Domes (not mentioned with telescopes)

15 - ft dome for Wind Tower, Royal Obsy., Cape, South Africa, 1882.
With gutter having lion-head outlets! Mentioned in Grubb-Gill correspondence. Tower demolished 1966. Dome sold to an amateur astronmer (Rainer Noack).

18 - ft dome and dodecagonal iron observatory, Royal Obsy., Cape, South Africa, 1886
Mentioned in Grubb-Gill correspondence, with drawings etc. Extant, 1997. Was built for a Repsold heliometer. Has openable sides to allow air circulation. Now used for a 49cm reflector.

20 - ft Gottingen, Germany, Royal Observatory
Engineering, 46, 571, 1888.

38 - ft turret Edinburgh, Scotland, (Blackford Hill, Royal Observatory)
Grubb Catalogue, 1899.

37 - ft dome, Calton Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland, ca. 1903
Grubb Catalogue, 1903, p.22.

Barcelona University Dome. No size given.
Grubb-Parsons Publ. No. 4, 1926.

Besides telescopes and domes, the Grubbs constructed many other instruments. Astronomical accessories included chronographs (a means for noting the precise time at which an event occurred), eyepiece micrometers (devices for measuring small angular distances such as the separation and position angle of double stars), spectroscopes, and clocks.

A 6-prism spectrograph made for Huggins is in the Whipple Museum of the History of Science, Cambridge (Burnett and Morrison-Low, (1989).

A 6-prism spectrograph of a different pattern to the above is in the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian, Washington. It was used by C.A. Young at Princeton.

The Royal Dublin Society possesses a 3-prism laboratory spectroscope.

Miscellaneous instruments,
other than the magnetic equipment mentioned in Chap. 1 of VTM, included base-line measures for surveying, microscopes, photographic lenses and a special heavy-duty precision balance from Thomas Grubb's time, now in the chemistry department of Trinity College, Dublin. The Museum of the History of Science in Oxford has a Thomas Grubb microscope.

Items in Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
Telescope drive clock of 1924
Chronograph Drum of 1920
Astrographic Lens
Web pages, Powerhouse Museum

Grubb Micrometer
Once attached to the Paisley Astronomical Society 10-inch refractor (Coats Observatory).
Web page, Nation Museum of Scotland

Farmleigh Tower Clock
A large tower clock with dials 3.35m diameter was made for Farmleigh, a mansion belonging to the Guinness brewing family, and installed ca March 1885.
Farmleigh home page

Model of a cylindroid Mathematical model. In London Science Museum.
Science and Society Picture Library, "Model of a cylindroid"

Military equipment, about which little is known, included periscopes for submarines and, probably, gunsights and rangefinders.

A listing of Grubb instruments can be found in Mollan (1995).

The Grubb-Gill correspondence is in the SAAO archives, Cape Town.
The Grubb-Innes correspondence is in the CSIR archives, Pretoria.

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