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Next Open Night: 13 May 2017

Visitors at an Open Night

Speaker: Isabella Rammala

Title: Understanding the relationship between radio pulsar emission and pulsar timing


Radio pulsars are very dense, fast rotating and highly magnetised neutron stars that emit radiation across a wide frequency range. Applications of pulsar studies extend beyond the boundaries of astronomy. Because of their accurate spin period, pulsars can also be used as accurate galactic clock. This high accuracy of time-keeping allows us to use them in the search to detect gravitational waves.

In this talk, Miss Rammala will give a brief overview on the history of pulsars including how they were discovered, how radio pulsars are born, as well as their emission mechanisms. She will also provide a detailed overview of the application of radio pulsar study, then explain part of her research which involves studying the frequency dependence of the pulsar profiles over a broadband frequency.

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