Welcome to the SAAO’s Stargazers page, where hobbyists and amateur astronomers can find information on celestial objects and events, and learn about free tools, apps and resources for astronomy.

Astronomical Society of Southern Africa

ASSA aims to encourage astronomy in southern Africa by connecting both amateur and professional observers and sharing current knowledge and information within this community. ASSA is open to all, and provides a wealth of up-to-date information for hobbyists on its website.

  • The New Moon occurs on the 6th of July at 00h57 and the First Quarter falls on the 14th of July at 0

Amateur Astronomy Associations in Africa

Africa is host to many amateur astronomy associations, and AfAS wants to work with them to organise events and offer support.

Click on the interactive map, zoom in, and find the contact info for any of the associations!

Click here to download a pdf with the details of all the associations (version 1, as of April 2021).

For more information or to register your association, please visit the African Astronomical Society website.

Other useful sites for amateur astronomers:

Stellarium: open source planetarium

African Starlore art for Stellarium

Universe Awareness (UNAWE) South Africa: inspiring children through astronomy

UFO Research of South Africa

Open Source Physics: physics teaching resources

‘Celestia: real-time 3D visualisation of space

Virtual Moon Atlas: a Moon explorer

Skychart: free software to draw skycharts

NASA eclipse tracker

NASA Spot the Station International Space Station tracker

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

PhET Interactive Simulations: physics simulations for learning

World Wide Telescope: view the skies from your computer

Heavens Above: live sky charts

Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (UAP): common misidentifications