Southern African people have always had a deep and profound relationship with the cosmos.

In ancient times, they used stars to develop calendars for agriculture and to regulate their ceremonies. This video is part of an NRF/SAAO led Indigenous Astronomy Project which is sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology. It aims to communicate and reaffirm the significance of indigenous astronomy while raising awareness about the advances made by South Africa in the field of modern astrophysics.

SAAO Gravitational Wave Documentary

The video explores the relevance and power of the 4th industrial revolution and its applications in our modern-day society. This exploration is done by revisiting the detection of the gravitational waves by the Southern African Large Telescope and the MASTERS telescope in Sutherland. The Gravitational Waves were predicted by Albert Einstein and using the Intelligent Observatory which utilises 4IR methods, South African-based telescopes were the first to detect the gravitational waves. The video further explores the modern-day use of 4IR techniques such as, data management, data mining and data visualisation, using the detection of gravitational waves and the intelligent observatory as examples.