1.9m Manuals

Paper copies of these manuals are available in the library at SAAO, Cape Town; the hostel library in Sutherland; and in the relevant domes.  Please do not print your own copies at SAAO.

Telescope Control System

TCS User Guide (Nov 2014)

A more up-to-date wiki manual here: https://topswiki.saao.ac.za/index.php/74%22_/_1.9m


                                 – SHOC wiki

                                 – SHOC User Guide (Jul 2015) – contains useful instrument info, but new software is described on                                        SHOC wiki

                                 – SHOC data reduction pipeline

                                 – SHOC exposure time calculator

HIPPO High speed Photo-Polarimeter

                                 – User Manual

Grating Spectrographinstrument has been upgraded and was recommissioned in Oct 2015

SpUpNIC (Spectrograph Upgrade – New Improved Cassegrain) wiki – instructions for using the upgraded spectrograph

– Telescope & Spectrograph Control (Sept 2014) – manual still relevant for telescope use; much of the spectrograph functionality has changed

Spectrograph Control software (2003)

SpCCD spectral type library (2013)

GIRAFFE Echelle Spectrographinstrument currently unavailable, pending upgrades

Setup and observing procedure  (full manual, c2002)

QUARTZ data acquisition software (2002)

Observing Recipe supplement (Sept 2011)

 – Th-Ar arc maps (Blue, Red)

SAAO CCD (STE3/STE4)instrument currently only available on the 1-m telescope, which uses a different manual

DOS Control program for SAAO CCD on 1.9-m

Supplementary Instructions