Plotting Tool

Topcat An interactive graphical viewer and editor for tabular data. It understands a number of different astronomically important formats (including FITS and VOTable) and more formats can be added.

VOPlot A tool for visualizing astronomical data. VOPlot is available as a stand alone version, which is to be installed on the user’s machine, or as a web-based version fully integrated with the VizieR database.

VOMegaPlot It has been specifically optimized for handling large number of points (in the range of millions). It has the same look and feel as VOPlot and both these tools have certain common functionality.

STILTS It deals with the processing of tabular data; the package has been designed for, but is not restricted to, astronomical tables such as object catalogues.

VOConvert A tool for converting files from one format to another. It supports following file format conversions: (1) ASCII to VOTable (2) FITS to VOTable and (3) VOTable to ASCII.