Daniel Cunnama

Research Staff

Science Engagement Astronomer

During the course of both my PhD and SKA Fellowship, my research has been focused largely on the analysis of the distribution and kinetics of baryonic matter in simulations with the aim of making predictions for upcoming radio surveys.

As part of the continuing efforts of the nIFTy collaborations, I am taking a leading role in the next large Cluster Comparison project, in which we will build a catalogue of over 300 hundred simulated clusters with a variety of cosmological hydro-dynamical codes. This sample will be used to make statistically significant predictions and comparisons to observational samples from both current and upcoming surveys to be undertaken by instruments such as the SKA, LSST and JWST.

In addition to this, I am actively involved in the development of the GIZMO meshless hydrodynamical code and the VELOCIraptor analysis code both of which will be utilized in the above-mentioned comparison project.

Research Interests:
Science Engagement, Galaxy Evolution, Cosmological Hydrodynamical Simulations, Semi-Analytic Models


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