Matthew Bershady

Research Staff

SAAO SARChI, joint with UWisc

Research Chair (SARChI), South African Astronomical Observatory
Adjunct Professor, University of Cape Town
Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

    1. Honors/bursary project (BSc): [description]
      Finding extreme star-forming galaxies for SALT in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
    2. Honors/bursary project (BSc): [description]
      Finding Milky-Way-like edge-on galaxies in HI deep-fields
    3. Masters (MSc,1 year): [description]
      HI masses of extreme star-forming galaxies in HI deep-fields
    4. Ph.D. (3 years): [description]
      Vertical structure evolution of spiral galaxy disks using optical and near-infrared integral field spectroscopy


    1. Honors/bursary projects (BSc or BTech): [description]
      Civil engineering for astronomical instrumentation lab
    2. Honors/bursary projects (BSc or BTech): [description]
      Mechanical engineering for fibre-optic test facility
    3. Masters (1 year) (MSc or MTech): [description]
      Design and development of fibre-optic test facility
    4. Ph.D. (3 years): [description]
      Design, development and commissioning of a fibre slit-mask integral-field unit for SALT prime-focus spectrograph
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Research Interests:
Stellar populations, galaxy dynamics and evolution, instrumentation


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