Shazrene Mohamed

Research Staff

Research associate, University of Virginia

I am an astrophysicist with a joint position at the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) and the University of Cape Town (UCT), in Cape Town, South Africa.

My research focuses on modelling the outflows from single and binary star systems. I use 3D hydrodynamic supercomputer simulations to investigate:

  • star-planet interactions
  • mass and angular momentum transfer in binaries
  • the progenitors of supernovae and gamma-ray bursts
  • the shaping of bipolar planetary and symbiotic nebulae
  • mass loss from variable stars
  • dust formation in stellar winds
  • the formation of accretion disks
  • the circumstellar environments of massive stars, e.g. the runaway star, Betelgeuse.

Research Interests:
Computational stellar astrophysics, binaries, bow shocks, supernovae, dust formation and evaporation, colliding wind systems, AGB stars, PNe, star-planet interactions – models for systems observed with ALMA


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