Sibonise, meaning “show us” in isiXhosa, is currently being commissioned on Lesedi.  It is an imaging camera with the largest detector of any SAAO instrument, an E2V 6kx6k pixel CCD, yielding a field of view of two thirds of a degree in diameter.  A summary of the key features can be found in the table below, with more details to follow.

Detector E2V CCD231-C6 back-illuminated, NIMO
No. of pixels 6144×6160
Field of view 39 arcmin diameter
Platescale 0.38 acrsec/pixel
Coating Astro multi-2
Filters U, B, V, R, I, Hα (3.2nm), Hα (4nm), He II 468.6 (4nm), [O III] (2.8nm), clear
Imaging modes Full frame, frame transfer
Readout options Fast, slow
Gain options Bright, faint
Exposure time ≥ 0.5 s