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Next Open Night: 27 May 2017

Visitors at an Open Night

Speaker: Dr. Steve Crawford

Title: A robotic all-sky monitor to observe one star for one year


Almost 25 years ago, the first planet orbiting another star was discovered.  Since then, the number of known exo-planets has exploded and a wide range of different systems have been discovered.  Just in the last year, this includes systems like Trappist-1 with seven planets orbiting around it and systems like J1407b with a giant ring system around it.

This year, South Africa is taking part in an international programme to study the planet orbiting around the young star beta pictorious. The planet is expected to move across the star and we hope to determine if the planet has a ring similar to Saturn. Come hear about how we are using both the smallest telescope, bRING and SALT, the large telescope in Sutherland to discover and characterise other planetary systems.

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