1.0m Manuals

User manuals for the SAAO 1.0-m

Paper copies of these manuals are available in the library at SAAO, Cape Town; the hostel library in Sutherland; and in the relevant domes. Please do not print your own copies at SAAO.

Telescope & observing recipes

The most up-to-date information and recipes can be found on the 1.0-m wiki

The SAAO 1-m Telescope: A User’s Guide (Nov 2013)

Telescope Control System

– TCS User Guide (Feb 2010)

– Quick Recipe for Acquisition & Guiding


– Linux-based Imaging Camera Control software for SAAO CCD on 1-m telescope


SHOC wiki

– SHOC User Guide (Jul 2014) – contains useful instrument info, but the SHOC software is described on SHOC wiki

– SHOC data reduction pipeline

SHOC exposure time calculator