SAAO 200 Symposium Archive

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

The Unveiling of the SAAO as a National Heritage Site
Welcome Clifford Nxomani
The SAAO in the 21st Century Petri Vaisanen
The IAU and Astronomy’s Role in Education and Development Ewine van Dishoeck
SKA: Building an Observatory to Study the Dawn of Time and the Origins of Life Philip Diamond
SocioEconomic Impact of SAAO and SALT  Anthony Mietas
Astronomy for Development Vanessa McBride

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

A Golden Age of Astronomy Bernard Fanaroff
The Cape Observatory 1820 1972 Ian Glass
Royal Astronomical Astronomy Emma Bunce
Using the Iziko Planetarium and Digital Dome to bring South African Astronomy to the Public Sally Macfarlane
An Update on Meerkat and Progress Towards the SKA Rob Adam
The Gleam 4JY sample: The Brightest RadioSources in the Southern Sky  Sarah White
The History of SALT: From Vision to Reality David Buckley
SALT and TESS Monitoring of Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae Kelebogile Bonokwane
AFAS the New Continental Astronomy of Player: A Tale of Two Observatories Jamal Mimouni
Outreach and Publicity History and Current Sivuyile Manxoyi
Share Sky to Karoo Cosmos Indigenous Knowledge and EthnoAstronomy John Parkington
Natural Philosophy and Education for the Common Good: Parallel Elements in the Work, Lives and Thoughts of Victorian Scientists Chris Sterken
Cosmology with the SKA Roy Maartens
Multiwavelength Views of Feedback and the Baryon Cycle Moses Mogotsi

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Before the Big Bang of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA): 250 Years of Astronomy in South Africa  Saul Dubow
An ELearning Platform for African Radio Astronomy  Ruby van Rooyen
The National Astrophysics and Space Science Programme Patricia Whitelock
LineofSightEffects in Strong Gravitational Lensing  Julien Larena
Historical Challenges of Astronomy Transformation in South Africa Lerothodi Leeuw
Cosmology with Fast Radio Bursts Amanda Weltman
The Conundrum of Hubble Constant: A Physical Solution  Yin-zhe Ma
Imaging Black Hole Shadows from African Soil Roger Deane
A Multiwavelength Study of Be Xray Binaries in the Small Magellanic Cloud Itumeleng Monageng
Astrostays: CommunityCentric AstroTourism for Livelihood Creation Amidou Sorgho
The Effects of Environment on Galaxy Evolution  Rosalind Skelton
NicolasLouis de Lacaille: Pioneer of Scientific Cartography in Southern Africa Roger Stewart
A Brief History of the Radcliffe Observatory in South Africa Robin Catchpole
SKA African VLBI Network Carla Sharpe
Breaking the Shackles of Time: Library & Information Services in Astronomy (LISA) at the SAAO  Theresa de Young
Sunny Outlook for Computational Stellar Astrophysics  Shazrene Mohamed
After Gill: The Shape of Astronomy in South Africa, 1907 1937 Keith Snedegar
Developing an Array of Small Parabolic Antennas at Mauritius Radio Telescope (MRT) Site for Radio Astronomy Experiments Albert Forson

Friday, 23 October 2020

How AGN Studies are Benefiting Astronomy Development in Ethiopia and AFrica? Mirjana Povic
The Astronomical Society of Southern Africa  Chris Stewart
GammaRay Astronomy in Southern Africa and Scientific Synergies between SAAO, SKA and HighEnergy Astrophysics  Garret Cotter
Southern African Large Telescope Spectroscopy of Blazars for the Cherenkov Telescope Array Project Eli Kasai
Public Engagement at SAAO: Astronomy in the Community Tana Joseph
Dark Energy with Hirax 21cm Intensity Mapping  Kavilan Moodley
The Structure of a Quasi Keplerian Disc around a Millisecond XRay Pulsar  Edward Jurua
Impact of Astronomy in Transforming Africa Solomon Tessema
What can the Simba Galaxy Formations Simulations Do For You? Romeel Dave
Star Clusters and Radio AGNS as Vital Tools to Study Star Formation and Galaxy Evolution Zara Randriamanakoto
The UK SALT Consortium 50 Years of UK Astronomers’ Collaboration with South Africa  Phil Charles
Slit Masks IFUS (SMI) for the Robert Stobie Spectrograph on SALT Sabyasachi Chattopadhyay
A High Resolution Study of a Supernova Evolution Naftali Kimani
Multiwavelength Astronomy in Namibia Michael Backes
50 Years of Astronomy at UCT Patrick Woudt
Machine Learning Applications in South Africa  Michelle Lochner

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