Press Releases


Possible ring system found around a minor planet

24 April 2015

Astronomers detect features around Chiron that may signal rings, jets, or a shell of dust. Astronomers at the the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA have recently detected what may be ring …

First South African Comet Discovery in 37 Years

13 April 2015

In the early hours of the 7th April, an un-manned robotic telescope, MASTER-SAAO, situated near Sutherland in the Karoo, discovered a new comet. This is the first comet to be discovered in South Africa since 1978.  The Russian – South African run teles …

Discovery of a new “luminous blue variable” star

5 March 2015

Astronomers identify an extremely rare star which could soon die in a spectacular supernova explosion. Astronomer Dr A. Kniazev from the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO), together with collaborators from the Lomonosov Moscow State Universi …