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Discovery of one of the most luminous eruptions from a dying star: SALT contributes to a major international multi-wavelength effort led by South Africa.

11 October 2017

A multinational group of astronomers have discovered what it might be the brightest nova (a luminous stellar eruption) ever observed. This mighty eruption was first detected on the 14th of October 2016 by the MASTER-instrument in Argentina. Since then …

Recovery of nova spotted by ancient Koreans illuminates many stages of star system’s life cycle

30 August 2017

On a cold March night in Seoul almost 600 years ago, Korean astronomers spotted a bright new star in the tail of the constellation Scorpius. It was seen for just 14 days before fading from visibility. From these ancient records, modern astronomers dete …

Catching a Glimpse of New Horizons

3 June 2017

In the early hours of the morning on 03 June 2017, while most locals are sleeping, dozens of astronomers across South Africa will be looking up at the night sky in hopes of viewing a shadow from a mysterious, distant object.  They are part of a large, …