Press Releases


Pluto: small, distant, and fascinating

5 September 2018

Pluto is an interesting object located in the outer region of our Solar System. ¬†Although only 2376 km in diameter, it hosts five moons and a thin atmosphere. ¬†As shown in Figure 1, Pluto has a high orbital inclination (17 deg) and eccentricity (0.25), …

The General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union to be hosted on African soil for the first time in 2024

30 August 2018

Thursday 30 August 2018. Vienna, Austria The International Astronomical Union (IAU) today announced the 32nd General Assembly of the IAU in 2024 will be hosted by Cape Town, South Africa. This will be the first time in the 105 year history of the IAU t …

SAAO to contribute to the global effort to detect Near Earth Objects

29 August 2018

The South African Astronomical Observatory(SAAO) will play host to the next generation of asteroid-hunting telescopes as part of the NASA funded Asteroid Terrestrial-Impact Last Alert System (ATLAS). On 13 August NASA confirmed that it will fund two as …