Press Releases


SAAO contributes to Ultima Thule exploration

11 January 2019

On the 1st of January 2019, NASA’s New Horizon’s spacecraft performed a very exciting flyby of the most distant object ever explored, 2014 MU69, nicknamed Ultima Thule. Ultima Thule is located in the Kuiper belt, the icy disk in the outer solar system …

A mystery in the outer Solar System

18 December 2018

Stellar occultations are a powerful technique that allows characterization of foreground objects by watching them block light from a distant star. This technique is particularly useful for studying small and/or distant objects in the Solar System, whic …

SALT plays key role in the global hunt for Dark Energy

10 December 2018

The Southern African Large Telescope (SALT), the largest optical telescopes in the Southern Hemisphere, has played an important role as part of the¬†international Dark Energy Survey’s (DES,¬† quest to pin down dark energ …